Welcome to the Embodied Emotion Lab!

At the EmEmLab, the overarching research interest is the embodiment of emotions

In particular, our research explores the idea that when individuals process emotions, they activate relevant sensory-motor areas of the brain that are active when they also experience the same emotions. This is what is referred to as "embodiment". 

For example, when observing someone else's emotional facial expression, we "simulate" it (areas of the brain that are active when we express an emotion are also active when we perceive it expressed by someone else, and this is also reflected in facial mimicry). We investigate the role of mimicry in emotion processing and recognition. 

However, embodiment also occurs when the emotional stimulus is not present, and is only imagined or talked about. We are also interested in investigating the role of sensory-motor simulation in processing of emotional language.

Our research comprises behavioural, TMS, EEG, psychophysiological and eye-tracking experiments with unimpaired adults (mono- or bilinguals), patients with neurological impairments, typically developing children as well as children with SLI and ASD.

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  • BA/Leverhulme Small Grant Congratulations to Dr Marta Ponari who has been awarded £9,401 from British Academy/Leverhulme for a project titled "Where I end and you begin: the role of facial mimicry ...
    Posted 5 Apr 2017, 14:32 by Marta Ponari
  • New paper Our new paper "Acquisition of abstract concepts is influenced by emotional valence" is now online at http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1111/desc.12549/abstract!
    Posted 22 Feb 2017, 03:14 by Marta Ponari
  • Social Sciences Faculty grant Congratulations to Dr Marta Ponari who has been awarded £4,849.20 from the Faculty of Social Sciences for a project titled "The role of facial mimicry and interoception in ...
    Posted 23 Jan 2017, 07:12 by Marta Ponari
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