Present Lab members

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Dr Marta Ponari
Lecturer in Cognitive Psychology

Marta completed a BSc in Psychology (2004) and a 2-year MSc in Neuropsychology and Neuroscience (2007) at the 'Università della Campania' (SUN, Italy). After various internships in clinical neuropsychology and experimental cognitive psychology, she started a PhD supported by a studentship from the Italian Ministry of Research (MURST). In 2009, she spent 10 months as a visiting PhD student in the Social Perception lab at the UCL Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience (London). She completed her PhD in January 2011, and a few months later she moved back to London to work as a post-doctoral research associate at the Department of Experimental Psychology, University College London.
​Since late 2014, she is a lecturer in cognitive psychology at the School of Psychology, University of Kent.  

PhD Students

Giulia joined the EmEmLab in September 2016 after obtaining her MSc at the University of Palermo, Italy. 
She is interested in the role of interoception and proprioception in emotion processing and recognition.

MSc students   

Jalin Yi
Jialin's project investigates mimicry in the context of ambiguous facial expressions

Oghenetega Idogho
Tega is investigating facial feedback in alexithymia


Postgraduate research assistants

Marcus Sorensen
Marcus is working on our BA grant investigating the role of mimicry and interoception in facial expression recognition

Undergraduate research assistants   

Arcan Altinar


Undergraduate project students  


Muhammad Bahrin &
 Keith Yuen Chiu  
Muhammad and Keith are working on a project investigating the role of the motor system in the representation of emotional and abstract concepts in the second language.
Catherine Diana Brady Ocampo & Kai Pang
Catherine and Kai are investigating freezing-like responses in response to threatening words and faces.


Alice Sophia Kendall &  Lauren Kezia Morley
Alice and Lauren are working on a project investigating the role of interoception in recognition of emotional faces and the possible effect of meditation.

Stevie Nicholls & Toriah Wilson   
Stevie and Toriah are investigating the role of interoception and alexithymia in processing emotional words.


Language and Cognition Lab, Experimental Psychology Department, University College London

Division of Psychology and Language Sciences, University College London

Experimental Psychology Department, University College London

Department of Clinical Language Sciences, University of Reading 

Laura Sagliano
Department of Psychology, Second University of Naples, Italy

Department of Psychology, Second University of Naples, Italy


MSc students
Amanda D. Sadien, Po Yuen Ian Chan

Research assistants 
Luke Pascoe, Jennifer Lau, S. Beele, Billie J. Mugford, Ellie G. Webster, Amber L. Gardner

Undergraduate project students
Irene Lucini Serrano, Isabella Brobbey, Rosie L. Williams, Abbey Froud, Veenavi Seenadera, Natalie Ash, Rachel Temple, Kiera Matthews, Konstantinos Charlaftis, Beibei Zhang, Nana Benewaa